Here are some of my favorite places to visit online.  Check them out when you
get a chance.   This is my friend Jayme....she likes big goats!  Check her site out for
LaMancha, and Recorded Grade.  Check out what's happening on Becky's farm.  She's got a handsome new
boy!  Do you like cats?  Specifically, Bengal cats?  Check out Melinda's cattery.
 She is breeding some of the most beautiful, loving cats I've ever seen!  We own 2 kittens from her
cattery, Moshe & N'Mai.  I'll have a page put up just for them soon!   I have purchased some wonderful animals from Dawn & Phil!  
Check out their farm! There is a wealth of information on this site!  Not only about raising goats,
LaManchas in particular, but using herbs as a way of life for their goats and themselves.    A true herbalist.  See how they raise their goats.  They also make many herbal
preparations which they offer for sale and much, much more!   This is a very interesting page on Color Genetics of the
Nigerian Dwarf. A great place to locate the farm items you need but have trouble finding
locally....they usually have decent prices.
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